K-Pop's Fiercest Music Video Moments of 2018

While many like to bemoan the death of the music video, in K-pop, music videos are not only alive and well, but are an essential part of the industry. This year, Korean artists continued to release innovative, creative and beautifully shot visuals to complement their music.
In fact, BTS rapper Suga said it best in a conversation at the Grammy Museum earlier this year: “K-pop includes not just the music, but the clothes, the makeup, the choreography…all these elements I think sort of amalgamate together in a visual and auditory content package, that I think sets it apart from other music.” The visual therefore isn't simply an added bonus: it's a veritable, vital extension of the song itself.
Even from the untrained eye, it's clear the level of production — and above all, fun — in Korean female artists' music videos is above par. From groups making their debut to seasoned musicians, you can bet that there will be some combination of razor sharp choreography, kaleidoscopic visuals, or high-concept plot lines. And while men still often get the most attention, women continued to bring it in 2018, serving looks and killer moves that cleared skin and filed the taxes of audiences worldwide. So hold on to your toupées: here are some of the music video moments that slayed in 2018.

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