Think Ballet Is Hard? Wait ‘Til You See A Dancer’s Beauty Routine

We knew dancing was rough on the feet (thanks for those closeup shots, Black Swan) but truthfully, we'd never given much thought to what ballet dancers have to do to their faces. Regular applications of stage makeup involve thick layers of concealer, foundation, and heavy-duty color...and that's just the beginning. In a new profile, The Aesthete reveals the beauty routine of a world-class ballerina, New York City Ballet principal dancer Rebecca Krohn — and it demands more than most gigs.
Applying Rebecca's stage makeup is a 21-step, 45-minute process that involves thick pancake makeup, budge-proof color, and lots of false lashes. Doesn't sound too crazy, until you think about removing so much makeup night after night. What's more, she wears false lashes for every performance, and that glue tends to grab her natural lashes, too. “After a season, I don’t have any of my own lashes left,” she admits. “It’s just inevitable.” Ouch. Just one more reason ballet dancers might just be the most deceptively dainty-looking tough girls out there. (The Aesthete)

Photo: © Abbey Drucker, Via The Aesthete

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