Instagram Is Freaking Out Over This $10 Marble Sponge

Diamonds really are a girl's best friend. ? #MeetTheMiracles

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When we first laid eyes on this cute blending sponge, we were both stoked (look how adorable!) and nervous (if a blending sponge shaped like an egg rings in at $20 a pop, how much would a diamond-shaped one cost?). But it turns out it's our lucky day, because this marbled cutie only looks expensive. And thanks to its shape, it performs like a boss, too. The Miracle Diamond Sponge from Real Techniques (a brand founded by the sisters behind YouTube channel and beauty site Pixiwoo) isn't your average makeup sponge. It's equipped with 13 angles to help with contouring, concealing, and buffing. The tip’s triangular, flat sides are designed to apply makeup to the forehead and cheeks, while smaller, rectangular sides are geared for contouring around the eyes, mouth, and browbones. The tip itself can be used to stamp out small imperfections and get into crevices around the nose, while the flat top serves as a great buffer — those angled sides make it easy to hold on to. So, yeah, we'd say it's well worth the $10. Plus, just like real diamonds, no two of these pretty sponges are quite the same (the marbling patterns vary) — a bonus for those of us who like things custom. They're popping up all over Instagram, and we're not surprised. Social media loves beauty and bling — combine the two and you've got a real gem.

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