Rare Birds: Electric Feathers Bespoke Dresses Take Flight

Sure, women have been known to fight dress here and there. But that's not exactly civilized, is it? Now the world of auctioning just gotten a good deal more interesting (if not polite), thanks to Phillips de Pury & Company's new series, Saturday at Phillips. Created to attract younger, in-the-know clients, the program features cutting-edge art and design pieces at lower prices (at least by auction house standards). A recent success was Electric Feathers, an intriguing line of dyed, roped together pieces by designer Leana Zuniga.
Like any valuable collectible, every dress in Zuniga's collection is one-of-a-kind, many developed during personal appointments. Says Zuniga, "I really enjoy doing custom work. It's not about making a million pieces. I was a stylist before and I want to make things that are not so recognizable, so people can make them their own."
A favorite of rocker model Irina Lazareneau, who modeled for the collection in her own apartment, Electric Feathers would fit easily into any it-girl's wardrobe. Composed of soft knits and marbled, luminous silks, Zuniga's work features deceptively simple shapes with more detailed accoutrements. A lengthy ikat print dress is laced in the back with thick, rope-like pieces, while another coffee-colored gauze minidress is splashed with flecks of white paint. A dusty flowered silk number with twisted straps converts from a dress to skirt. Fittingly, Zuniga says she likes to mix, "earthy textures with a modern style."
As with other works of art, this kind of clothing makes the viewer stop, stare, and look a bit closer. But, like all good art, it's a rarity so when Zuniga says she's just dropped a bunch of hand-dyed pieces off at No. 6, better get ready to fight.
Available at No. 6, 6 Center Market Place, New York, 212-226-5759; www.no6store.com and by order at www.electricfeathers.com.