The New Way To Wear Your Crossbody Is For Flat-Chested Girls Only

The hands-free bag is the first thing we gravitate toward when we're going to be having a good time — because there's nothing like constantly having your hands full to really put a damper on your dance breakdown, adventurous trek abroad, or marathon window shopping. While crossbodies have recently become the purse of choice, other options like fanny packs and messenger bags also get the job done (although, arguably, not as stylishly). At rag & bone's spring 2015 show, the boys somehow combined all three low-touch designs into a crossbody that's part sling, part harness, and part feed bag.
Wearing a pouch on your chest could be convenient, but no more so than letting it just hang by your hip (if we're jugding by shortest hand-to-bag distance). It's definitely a pickpocket deterrent, so there's that. But, it seems exclusionary to ladies of various bust sizes, and like it might just slide down into under-armpit territory as the day goes on.
Either way, we give props to rag & bone for finding a new spin on old favorites — we'd give them a chest bump, but our new handbags might get in the way.

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