How To Stop Your Mind From Racing At Night

photographed by Michael Beckert; produced by Sam Nodelman; modeled by Selah Fong; produced by Yuki Mizuma.
Some nights, you get into bed and your mind starts going over every single thing you've done, ever, since you've been alive. Or, it goes through every single thing you need to do the next day, the day after that, and the rest of your life, for good measure.
Sometimes, a racing mind is a sign of underlying issues like anxiety or even insomnia, but all of us have probably had nights where we just can't shut off our brains and get to sleep.
As frustrating as those nights can be, they're totally salvageable. Ahead, we've rounded up a few things you can do to sleep when your mind just won't quit running over the weird thing you once did in high school.

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