5 Things To Know This AM — Jun 13 2012

We know where Rachel Zoe will be storing her baby bottle from now on. Today Zoe tweeted a picture of her newest creation, the Morrison Bag, which she lovingly named after her adorable son Skyler Morrison Berman. (SheFinds)
See ya later Metrocard. We're traveling 160-feet above ground this summer thanks to the new Union Square Park Zip Line. (New York Daily News)
Dying to express you undying love for your sweetie without getting caught by the PDA police? So is Wendy Williams. Join the celeb on saturday to celebrate National PDA Day at Herald Square and don't forget the cherry chapstick! (Facebook)
We'd like to be Lena Dunham's neighbor just as much, if not way more, than the next die-hard Girls fan. Looks like we're moving to Brooklyn Heights! (New York Post)
Ya, I guess we could manage to sit through a dinner with Anna Wintour, Sarah Jessica Parker, and President Obama. Could we please get an invite...please? (New York Daily News)

Photo: Via She Finds