What One Style Insider Predicts You’ll Be Wearing Next

Photographed by Jessica Nash.
Like a glamorous, sequined-covered tornado, NYFW has officially come and gone, leaving (what feels like) roughly one billion new collections and up-and-coming designers in its stiletto-stomped wake. We reported on many-a raw hem and ruffle-necked top, and literally saw stars. But both on and off the runway, there was one particular trend we're confident will live well beyond the season. Technology has officially become an integral element of any look. To gain further insight, we chatted with Rachel Schwartzmann — the founder and CEO of The Style Line — at the party we threw to celebrate the new, highly customizable Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. And she let us pick her brain on what lies ahead for the world of fashion, technology, and her own ever-changing career. Read on for your daily dose of inspiration, plus a glimpse at what we'll all be wearing in the near future. Hint: It involves LED LBDs.

Can you tell us a little about The Style Line?
"The Style Line is all about interviewing interesting creative people and bringing storytelling with style back to the web. Basically, we want to show that you can leave an imprint in the world simply by doing what you love, ranging from combating world hunger to pursuing a professional dance career. We also make a strong effort to get to know our interviewees and maintain real, personal relationships with them. No matter how much we grow, I want this aspect to remain ingrained in our brand DNA."

Speaking of major growth, The Style Line originally started on Tumblr in 2011, when you were still in high school. What's changed since then?
"Social media has become integral to how we find people to interview and stay up to date. And in general, technology has allowed for so many incredible introductions. The real trick, though, is knowing when to take those interactions offline. I'm always trying to find ways to connect online communities and challenge them to get involved with a project or cause in a real-life setting."

Besides finding that online/IRL balance, what's been your biggest challenge?
"Generally I like to believe that the product and work ethic speak for themselves, but at 22, I'm still occasionally faced with reverse-ageism. When this happens, I usually just think, Either you’ll listen to me now at 22 or later at 25 when I finally fit a general narrative of what people assume I should be doing at my age."

Since you're pretty much always on the go, what does your day-to-day style look like?
"My personal style has completely transformed over the past few years. Right now, I would describe it as being classic with a twist; I like to start with a functional silhouette that I can build off of with elements like a fun print or a bold pop of color. I also recently edited down my wardrobe to one rack that holds all four seasons [worth of clothes]. I'm proud of the fact that I love every single item I currently own and that it's all being thoroughly appreciated and lived in." How do you see your style — and everyone else's — changing in the next couple of years?
"Technology is really becoming a unifying factor. Getting dressed should be a seamless experience, and integrating technology can be a game changer from the minute you walk out the door. I’m already seeing brands use fashion products to streamline our relationship with technology, and it's been awesome to see designers start to play with all the possibilities! For example, I recently went to an event at NYFW celebrating Zac Posen’s collaboration with Made With Code. Coco Rocha closed the show in an LED dress, which was inspired by the modern, digitally savvy woman’s go-to little black dress."

That does sound cool!
"I know! If we open ourselves up to all of the world's possibilities, there’s limitless potential for growth. What’s more promising than that?"

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