5 Things To Know This A.M. — Dec 01 2011

John Legend's apartment is for sale, but you can get an identical unit for $50k less, thanks to his low-balling neighbor. (NY Curbed)
You think you've got some killer moves? Check out this premiere of Girl Walk, an epic 71-minute dancing spree around NYC set to all of Girl Talk's All Day and maybe rethink some things. (Gothamist)
If you're four-legged friendly like we are, then Bergdorf Goodman's newest holiday vid is for you. These behind the scenes photos are totally "awww" worthy. (NY Racked)
Rachel Libeskind, artist and thought-provoker extraordinaire, is showcasing forty drawings and collages of Brazilian colonialism, inspired by her own family's immigrant history. You should probably go. (Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden)
Ali, er, excuse us, Aliana Lohan can now cross off landing a magazine cover of her budding modeling career to-do list. She's gracing the front page of Page Six. (Huffington Post)