6 Things You Didn't Know About R29's AltMoji

Image: Courtesy Refinery29.
Last week, Refinery29 released an emoji keyboard, AltMoji. It's filled with dozens and dozens of unique images you won't find in your phone's built-in emoji set.

But seeing as some of the emoji might seem a little out-there, we chatted with three of the designers behind the emoji to get the inside story. Designers Mallory Heyer, Isabel Castillo, and Anna Sudit shared the inspiration for some of their favorite AltMoji icons — and how they've been using them in conversation.

If you've browsed through Refinery29's AltMoji and wondered, Er, how exactly am I supposed to use a speculum in daily conversation?, your question will soon be answered. And if you haven't checked out AltMoji yet, you can give it a download, here.

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