The Real Secret To Surfer-Girl Beauty

MorningNoonNight_QuincyDavisPhoto: Courtesy of Quincy Davis.
Routines get a bad rap. So often, we're encouraged to "shake things up" or "get out of that rut." But, for many, these daily habits are necessary. So, to get some insight into others' day-to-day customs, we asked inspiring women to share theirs, for our new series Morning, Noon, & Night. We break down their days hour by hour to see what rituals they love. Turns out, each routine is a comfort and something that can set the tone and mood for the type of day or night that lies ahead.
Quincy Davis is as badass as they come. Before she was even a teenager, she hopped on her first surfboard and never looked back. Now, Quincy has scooped up a bevy of pro surfing titles and designed a line of clothing with her sponsor Volcom — and she hasn't even celebrated her 20th birthday yet.
"I don't do too much, beauty-wise, in the morning. I typically wake up and just rinse my face with water. I always put on a tinted moisturizer from Laura Mercier, because it has SPF in it. After that, I'll grab a coffee, go outside, check the waves, and apply some sunscreen. My lips get pretty sunburnt, so I'll apply Shiseido's Sun Protection Lip Treatment.
"I typically do a few sessions a day, and when I'm in the water, I'll take off whatever makeup I have. Burt's Bees has a good face wipe, and I'll use that to [clean] my face.
"If the waves aren't good, I'll do some type of exercise, like go for a jog. I like running. I've been getting into yoga because my good friend teaches it. It helps with my flexibility for surfing.
"My last session is sometimes right before dark. That's usually my favorite one. I just like ending the day that way. The sunset is so pretty out here in Montauk — it's just a good time.
"At night, I use an oat mask twice a week. I wash my face every single night — I can't go to bed without washing it. I've also recently started using rosewater on my face before bed. It's so refreshing — I'll sometimes even put it on before my makeup. After, I use a lavender moisturizer from a brand called Naturopathica. It's so relaxing, and once I put it on, all I want to do is get into bed and fall asleep. "

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