Purse Snatcher: Delving Into Fashion's Private Property

If you're ever around our friend, photographer Pete Miszuk, make sure to not leave your purse unattended, as he's liable to start rummaging through it. Not that that's a bad thing, per se. He, quite ingeniously, has started a series of scanned images of the contents of various friends' purses and other personal belongings (think TheSelby for your fave knick-knacks). After all, everyone knows that bags are to New Yorkers what the backseat of a car is to an Angeleno. To commence this fabulous new venture, Miszuk has started at the top with R29 fave, Elle Style Director Kate Lanphear. This one post, with it's juicy assortment of unbeatable tarnished metal bangles is driving us wild. Pete, don't leave us hanging! Bring on more goods.

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