8 On-The-Go Essentials Every Woman Needs In Her Bag

Raise your hand if you lug around an oversized bag every day. Keep it raised if you have an embarrassingly large wallet, crumpled receipts from early 2015, two pairs of tangled headphones, a dog-eared paperback, and multiple chargers floating in the depths of said bag. Don't worry; we’re guilty, too. Between our work hustle and social lives, carrying 67 "essentials" somehow became the norm. But it doesn’t have to be.

At least not with the eight picks ahead. In order to streamline your purse (without ditching the items you actually need), we rounded up products that pull double or even triple duty — meaning you can carry less. From a wireless charging pad that’ll juice up multiple devices to a one-and-done cushion compact from L’Oréal, these picks will have you trading your suitcase XL bag for a sleek crossbody in no time. And that's worth throwing up your hands for a whole different reason.
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If you have a smartphone (hello, 2016), there's no need to carry around multiple credit cards. Plenty of stores have updated their keypads to support Apple and Android Pay. Just sync your cards to your phone, hold it up to the keypad, and presto — you've paid for your latte without pulling out the plastic.
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Trade your bulky external battery packs and cables for a single wireless charging pad. This compact number from GYMLE (it's smaller than a coaster) will charge your phone or smartwatch on contact. (Note: Apple users need to add a receiver to make the charger compatible with their devices. But it's not a bad trade-off if it means you can stop carrying tangled cords around.)
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We can apply lipstick on the go, no problem, but base makeup is a different story. Not only does it require carrying around a full, messy bottle of foundation, but it's also highly unsanitary to blend it in with germy fingers. Thankfully, this convenient cushion compact exists. The sponge applicator makes tapping on and building coverage a breeze. And with the luminous finish, you don't have to tote around foundation, concealer, or highlighter.
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This envelope-style wallet is so pretty and minimal, you'll think twice before stuffing it with junk. Slip in your cash, ID, and phone, and leave the rest at home. Bonus — it doubles as a slim clutch for your brunch or shopping essentials come the weekend.
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A sleek set of earbuds will drown out the noise from your morning commute just as well as bulky over-the-ear styles, while taking up less real estate in your bag. This pair comes with four different sizes of silicone buds (so you can choose the right fit), a fancy leather storage box, and a canvas carrying case — which is especially handy in keeping the cables from tangling around your keys.
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Cold air has the annoying tendency to suck moisture from our skin, wreak havoc on our cuticles, and split our lips. Short of carrying around an arsenal of products to combat winter’s wrath, opt for an all-purpose salve like this cult fave, Bag Balm. The tiny, one-ounce tin solves all your dry-skin/cuticle/lip issues while taking up minimal space. (Fun fact: The balm was developed in the late 1890s to soothe irritated cow udders. The more you know.)
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Rather than tote around toothpaste and a toothbrush for a post-lunch refresh, toss a week's worth of these floss picks into a baggie for your purse. (Stash the rest in your office drawer for salad-in-your-teeth emergencies.) You'll never have to worry about toothpaste leaking in your bag again.
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Take your books to go with an e-reader like this Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. It weighs less than eight ounces and holds thousands of titles (no, seriously). So you're able to switch between reads without carrying multiple books. Plus, the matte screen means you won't experience the eye strain and glare you get from reading on your phone or other tablets.

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