New NYC Treatment Improves Fitness & Energy While You’re Lying Down

When you hear about a new treatment that boasts benefits like "wellness, performance, anti-aging, men's health, weight loss, detoxification, and prevention," it's only natural that you'll gravitate towards it like Hulk Hogan to a tanning bed. Enter: Our Pulsation appointment at the just-opened Pure Flow studio and spa.
The non-invasive procedure works like this: you change into leggings and a T-shirt, hop up on a soft medical bed, strap into these velcro harnesses, and chill out for about 45 minutes while your legs get pushed and pumped and prodded by the pressurized equipment (no, it doesn't hurt). At least that's how it went for us.
But what's actually happening? Let's get technical. "Pure Pulsation uses a compression technique" (ah so that's the pumpy thingy!) "that pulses at the natural rate of your heartbeat to improve circulation." The benefits of this increased circulation are clear: With more oxygen and blood pumping through your heart and to your brain (and your liver and kidneys and other vital organs) you are totally detoxified and more mentally clear. You may not notice it immediately but you will have more energy (seriously, take a workout class and you will kill it!) and less water retention. It may sound like a miracle machine, but that's only because it kind of is.
Pure Flow Pulsation, single session $200, 791 Madison Avenue (at 67th Street); 212-737-0070 .

Photo: Courtesy of Place NY