Puddle Jumpers: Rubberized Chucks by John Varvatos

Come hell or high water (and fickle trends), we're sticking with our Chucks. However, when that high water actually rolls around, our Converse All-Stars tend to soak up rain like a sponge and rot. Usually we'll just go out and pluck down $40 for Joey Ramone's favorite kicks. But John Varvatos has come up with a nifty new way of saving us some cash after summer downpours. Not only has he rubberized the classic Chuck Taylor high-tops, proofing them against a soaking, but he's dipped the whole business (star logo and all) in a nice shade of black. With a different shine and texture than your normal Cons, these fellas might actually last you a monsoon season or two. (Hypebeast, available at Blackbird)

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