5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 13 2011

Artwork along PS 9 beautifully illustrates the transformation of the city's former "worst block." (City Room)
The street art covering Converse's new studio in Brooklyn is almost as cool as the fact musicians can record there for free. (Cool Hunting)
Aerial artist Seanna Sharpe's awesome stunt above the Williamsburg Bridge didn't sit well with the NYPD, who were also none too pleased that this acrobat could still perform with cuffs on. (Animal New York)
Is NYC a better place for startups than San Francisco because "everybody is living on top of each other, everyone is in each others' face, and everyone is full of energy"? (PSFK)
Opera unrest! Musicians at the New York City Opera are protesting outside the Guggenheim over a new contract that would strip them of all benefits. We hope it ends well so the show can go on. (Huffington Post)

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