33 Killer Closet Staples — For Work And LIFE

The top of your career to-do list may include going back to grad school, arranging a meeting with your supervisor, or simply pounding the pavement. Making strides at work can also come down to securing a wardrobe that's as up for the task ahead as you are, or stocking your closet with the pieces we'll call "girl-boss essentials." 

Perhaps it’s a blazer you love so much that you walk a bit taller as you approach your boss’ desk, or it's a pair of pants that makes all the difference between an interview you ace and one in which you squirm in your chair the whole time. The best work attire should be as confidence-boosting as a two-minute power posing session. It's personal, polished, and won't give HR a reason to side-eye you from behind a cubicle half-wall.

The hunt for these power pieces can be daunting, especially when you're looking for something that speaks to your style and flatters your frame. We're breaking the must-haves down by body-type, so you can get back to working on that resume fodder. Keep these items in your closet and you may never freak out the morning of your big meeting again — at least, not about your clothes.

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