The Infinitely Useful Proenza Schouler Styling Trick That Uses Only One Black Ribbon

More often than not, the takeaway from fashion shows is “Okay, great, guys — but I can’t actually technically get those clothes.” Whether it’s because of the price point, the limited availability, or the sheer fact that what you’re seeing won’t actually become available until six months later, runways can be a huge tease. But every once in a while, you get a show that leaves you with the best of both worlds: a collection so good you’ll spend the next six months setting aside cash for it, and a styling tip that you can start implementing now that costs nada.
Proenza Schouler consistently delivers on both counts, and though the first — the actual items — was truly something spectacular (a romantic, Cuban-inspired collection full of loose knits; structured ruffles; oversize pom-poms; and scalloped, frayed layers), it was the second that got us out of bed early this morning. Using a simple black ribbon, Proenza Schouler cinched cutouts, straps, and grommets wherever it could. That crisscross crop top you’ve been wearing all summer? Tie a black ribbon where the notch is to give it a little face-lift. Loop it around the button of a jacket and thread it through the buttonhole for a makeshift closure. Or just string it around your neck in a loose bolo tie for the simplest accessory ever. Click through for seven times a simple black tie made an already great outfit even better (and see that it doesn’t get you up five minutes earlier tomorrow morning to figure out how to make it happen for your Friday outfit).

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