5 Things To Know This AM — Aug 10 2010

The Pretzel Crisp's ad that seemed to promote anorexia was taken down after the blogging world exploded (us included). But, cleary the skinny execs didn't quite get the point replacing one bad message with another. (EV Grieve)

The Brooklyn Free Store in Bed-Stuy is gathering curbside finds just
for you. You can go pick up some kitchen utensils for free, but please don't invite us
over for dinner. (Racked)

A Pop Tarts Café is opening up in the middle of Times Square, but the offerings aren't as simple as the TV commercials. We've set our
foodie-sights on the Pop Tarts Sushi—three kinds of Pop-Tarts
wrapped in a fruit roll-up. Not. (Gothamist)

The iPhone gets another cool app. Meet KickMap, a subway map that
allows you to view the subway system in "night-mode". We are serious
this time, bye-bye Blackberry. (Bowery Boogie)

If you are need of some fashionable eye-candy, check out Sam Horine's 24 Most Stylish People at the Mad Decent Block Party. Sh*t, we knew we should have gone. (The Cut)