Out Of All The Pre-Fall Collections, These Are The 20 You Need To Know

There are more designers and brands participating in pre-fall than ever before, and this season alone saw hundreds of collections. Did you scroll through all of them? No? You don't have a spare 20 hours to Insta-shop for the future? Well, luckily you know someone whose job it is to get through the lot and find what's most noteworthy: us.
From what we saw, there was a definite shift this season toward looser, baggier, and odder forms than what's been occupying hangers lately. For the change-averse, this is bad news. Skinny jeans fans, fit-and-flare fans, and health-goth fans may be disappointed with the upcoming fare. But, for anyone whose soul belongs in the '70s, and for whom exaggerated proportions and aggressive cozines are synonymous with "I'll take it," this is your season. We've picked out the 20 designers whose lookbooks stood out among the pack; learn their names, and start making some space in your closet.

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