5 Things To Know This A.M. — Nov 25 2011

What did protestors at OWS do for Thanksgiving? Eat turkey of course — the birds were donated in hoards. (NY Observer)
This is really cute: Watch the lil' British "Super Bass" girls interview people on the AMA red carpet — the stars were just as starstruck. (NY Mag)
We're sure you're all stuffed, but leftovers always manage to get eaten somehow. Here's what to do with all that extra turkey (sandwiches not included). (NY Times)
Check out this list of stylists, celebs, and models spilling what they're most thankful for. Spoiler alert: A lot of them list family, fans, and employment. (Stylist)
One of the only things you can chew to help you lose weight might just be hormone-filled gum. Scary much? (Fashionista)

Photo: Via Fashionista