Paintings A La Peyton: Face Time with Ebay and Etsy Portraits

In these turbulent times, an art show can offer a bit of welcome respite from the frenzy of the daily news cycle—which is why we headed straight to Bowery last night to catch the press preview for the Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton exhibition at the New Museum (open to the public tonight). The first survey of her work in an American institution, the exhibit will include more than 100 works made over the past 15 years, focusing on the vivid, glossy portraits of pop culture figures that made her an art world darling. There is nothing like a portrait to remind us of the timeless appeal of paint on canvas, and, with this in mind, we've scoured second-hand e-markets for some classics.
Above, clockwise from left:
Yellow Lee Goldie—Who doesn't love the wide-eyed look, especially when it means you're not about to be winked at again at any time soon.
Male Neo Vintage Portrait—Kind of kitchy, kind of creepy, this Two Little Fruits piece offers up some good face time either way.
Vintage Lady—Betcha didn't know Margaret Thatcher sat for a folk art portrait. Neither did we.
Border Collie—We always have room in our hearts for more puppy love!
Audrey Hepburn—Ah, Audrey. The queen of classic style always makes for a worthy subject.
Above, left to right:
Gladys Painting—It's tiny, it's dotted, it's perfect.
Detail From "Nick (First Drawing)" by Elizabeth Peyton—Check out her technicolor new-wave portraits yourself at the New Museum.
Girl Black Crow—A little bit of Americana goes a long way.