Twitter Troll: Coffee Talk, Closet Tweet, and Another Reason To Love Ben and Jerry’s

JakandJilBlog: " - Customized vintage at Nicola Formichetti's favorite store in Tokyo, DOG" We're wearing our vintage, "customized", torn-up jeans. This means we're like besties—right, Nicola?
allplaidout: "Wow. RT @Slate Chubby Hubby is now Hubby Hubby, to celebrate gay marriage in VT" Bravo! Now, more so than ever, we want to eat B&J until we get Chubby Chubby.
glamourdotcom: "Let's talk about coffee for a minute. How do you take yours? We like iced caramel macchiatos." Big. Strong. In a gallon-sized mug. Is it Friday yet?
sessileelopez: "First day of castings!!!!! Only a few more days til fashion week!!!!! Are you ready???" So that's why we were the shortest in line at Starbucks this morning.
fakeanna: "HELLO? WORLD? IS THAT YOU? KARL, WHERE ARE YOU? I HAVE MY SUNGLASSES ON IN THE CLOSET." Someone needs to tell Anna her fake caps lock is on.

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