Rack 'Em! This Extra-Cool Jewelry Is Made From Billiard Balls

Here's a crafty jewelry idea that, we're pretty sure, is much more difficult to recreate than your run-of-the-mill DIY. Eleanor Salazar is a D.C. native who is turning billiards into an unexpected art form. We're not talking about graceful corner-pocket shots, but rather, repurposed pool balls made into something we can really enjoy: jewelry.
In her newest accessory collection, Pool Ball Line, Salazar has transformed the billiard-hall standbys into bright, playful rings, earrings, and necklaces that are not entirely unrecognizable. There are some more literal pool-ball pieces, such as the Rounded Numbered Ring, as well as other pieces that made us think a little harder — like a pair of triangle, hanging earrings that look like nothing more than a great accessory for spring.
If you're looking for a few outside-the-box pieces, or perhaps just a conversation starter, we're sure Salazar's collection could do the trick. Click through for the coolest pieces she's created that are available online now, and let us know if you think this pool-ball transformation is just as rad as we do, in the comments.

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