Peanut Butter Burgers, Plus Some Less-Crazy Treats, From Pnut Butter Bar

Peanut butter might be the ultimate too-lazy-to-make-a-meal spread, but now it’s getting some culinary lovin’, thanks to Pnut Butter Bar. It also happens to be National Peanut Butter Lovers Month (yeah, we didn’t know that either) and the food truck has been coasting around L.A. serving up original PB&J sandwiches with a twist — like the Elvis fave of PB, honey, bananas, and bacon — and some pretty unorthodox menu options.
Case in point: the Can Ya' Dig It Burger, involving a natural beef patty, peanut butter sauce, jelly or jam, as well as the questionable addition of pickles and cheese. Talk about aggressive! Our picks would the Thai Airways (thai peanut butter wings) and the mouth-watering Pnut Butter Puffs. We might pass on the burger, but this truck is some next-level PB&J action that’s definitely worth hitting up. Track down the Pnut Butter Bar on wheels via twitter. (Pop Sugar)

Photo: Via Popsugar