Plus-Size Workwear That’ll Actually Keep You Cool

Sure, it's summertime and the livin' is easy. But, living is also pretty humid, sticky, and gross right about now, too. Whether you're sliding into skin-meltingly hot seats in a car or standing in that sauna otherwise known as the subway, your commute's likely gotten hot enough to reduce you to a human puddle before you reach your morning meeting.
Until someone figures out air-conditioned garments, or public nudity becomes workplace acceptable, there are a few sartorial solutions that are the best way to keep your temperature down this time of year. Our simplest trick is switching in lightweight and airy fabrics. So, we collected a few options worthy of your professional wardrobe that are all size 14+ and are sure to work overtime to keep you cool. If your dress code permits crop tops and short-shorts, you can always take the less-is-more approach to summer dressing. If not, click through to see our promotion-worthy picks.