A Plus-Size Project Runway? Yep, If Tim Gunn Gets His Way

rexusa_1648193nPhoto: REX USA.
There’s a major shift occurring in what it means to be plus-size in today’s fashion industry. Plus models are experiencing equal treatment at Fashion Week, there's a semantics debate surrounding plus terminology, and more brands are seeing the profitability of plus sizing. It’s a brave new world, people. And, it might be coming soon to Bravo.
In a recent interview, Project Runway host and everyone’s favorite father figure, Tim Gunn stated that if it were up to him, the hit reality show’s next season would feature exclusively models size 12 and above. Hear that? It's us giving Mr. Make It Work a round of applause.
Maybe if budding designers were made to craft clothing for people with all sorts of bodies, the fashion industry would be forced to face its fear of body diversity. Don't discount the show as just a lazy-day marathon staple — it's been on for 12 seasons, so it must have some sway. Read the rest of Gunn's interview over at the Huffington Post. (Huffington Post)

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