Play Dress-Up with Your Very Own Paper Kate and Aggy Dolls

Barbies and fashion plates both figured largely into our budding fashionista toy chests, but there was just something so satisfying about the mix-and-match styling possibilities of our old paper dolls that has us feeling a little wistful for our childhood. Well pine no more. London-based artist I Love Mel has recaptured the joy of cutting up one-dimensional models with her paper doll tributes to fellow Brits Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn. Each gal comes with several tab-adorned wardrobe options—stripes and vests for Kate, polka-dots and flannels for Agy. But if you're more into coloring than cutting, check out Mel's "Colour Me Good" Kate Moss coloring book, or her forthcoming collection of record sleeve coloring sheets featuring Blur, Bruce Springsteen, and Lily Allen. Eat your heart out, Tom Tierney.