A Foodie’s Love Story With NYC

Kate_Space_Header_PippaPhotographed by Isa Wipfli.
What's the right thing to say about Pippa Lord? Is the creator of the elegant, dreamy home and food site Sous Style a domestic bon vivant? An apartment-hunting cuisine editor? The chicest influencer-stalking home invader in the world? Hard to say.
Whatever you want to call her, Lord is 100% New Yorker. Even though she's a product of Australia (thanks for sending her here, BTW), she's given her heart to this city, and she's mastered that most remarkable of traits native to all high-functioning NYC women. Whether she's hopping boroughs by bridge or skipping through neighborhoods, she manages to stay casually chic on her feet. Of course, having a good kate spade new york bag at the ready helps.
001_IMG_4575-Edit_dropPhotographed by Isa Wipfli.
So, here, we catch up with our Pippa, follow her to some of her favorite NYC haunts, and find out why she's head over heels for NYC.

Styled by Haley Loewenthal; Hair and Makeup by Ashleigh Ciucci

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"I love taking the walk across the Brooklyn Bridge during the day. It really reminds me of how lucky I am to live in New York City. It’s so God damn beautiful that sometimes I’ll even hop off a subway stop early, just so I can walk it and Skype friends back home in Australia as I cross. It always feels like a movie.I like to think anything can happen on that bridge.
Now, once I take one of these little journeys around the town,
003_IMG_4293-Edit_dropPhotographed by Isa Wipfli.
I always grab a good city bag. I feel like the perfect city bag should be like every New York girl – hardworking and good lookin'! Also, it has to be big enough to carry a million things, but stylish and versatile enough that it can take you from a chic brunch date to shopping at the farmers' market. I ask a lot from my bags. I guess you could call me high-maintenance."
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"Oh my gosh, I'm in love my little 'hood of Brooklyn Heights. It’s like a small village tucked just over the Brooklyn Bridge that's made up of brownstones and leafy cobble streets. There’s a great community vibe and so many cool people live there who work in fashion and creative fields. We’re all super-proud and will banter on for ages about the latest happenings in the area, [from] a new cafe opening to a construction on the block. Oh so glam!
In terms of neighborhoods, I'm also really into Vinegar Hill right now. It's a super-magical (and kind of a spooky place). It spans over only a few blocks and located right on the river. I love that on every corner you can discover something new and totally surprising — a random mansion with huge gates, an overgrown garden, and obviously my dinner favorite, Vinegar Hill House. I recommend their private dining room in the cellar for special occasions...or non-special occasions, too!"
005_IMG_5209_dropPhotographed by Isa Wipfli.
"Another thing, I love asking people (friends, cab drivers, randoms, etc.) is where they love to eat in New York. It’s the best way to discover new places, because people here are so damn passionate about their picks. I mean, sometimes they just won’t shut up about their favorite spot! They treat it as if it’s their first born, and I love that! I’m not really interested in the ‘latest and greatest.’ I'm always chasing what’s authentically good. Or cheap. Or where I’m guaranteed to hang out with Tom Hardy."
006_IMG_4841-Edit_dropPhotographed by Isa Wipfli.
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"Not to get too specific with my New York loves, but I heart Ted & Honey so much. It’s a fantastic coffee and lunch spot right next to a cute lane and garden. Actually, it kind of reminds me of
008_IMG_5710-Edit_dropPhotographed by Isa Wipfli.
London in a way. I also love that, style-wise, anything goes, just as long as it looks like you and [is] comfortable. Oh, and if you wear red, you’ll fit right in!

Oh, it also provides one of the best hangover cures in the
city. It's a wrap with cheddar cheese, grits, eggs, and ham — they call it the ‘The Redneck.’ Personally, I'll drop the ham...but still...

Of course, maybe the best thing of all about New York is that there's always more to see. My friends, Ben and Phil, from the Fat Radish are opening a place uptown, so I’m super-excited to visit and explore everything else around it. I fancy myself as an uptown lady to be honest.
That said, Queens is big on my to-do list. I’m desperate for good Greek food (suggestions please), and I’ve always wanted to check out Spa Castle. It looks ridiculous, but definitely my kind of good times."
009_IMG_5565-Edit_dropPhotographed by Isa Wipfli.
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