This Is What Happens When You Try Pinterest Beauty Hacks

By Meagan Wilson

Women skipping trips to the colorist and filling in their roots with eyeshadow, instead. Replacing their Ruby Woo with lipstick they made from crayons. Formerly shattered eyeshadow palettes and pressed powders given new life with a little rubbing alcohol. For every seemingly ingenious beauty "hack" (sorry) on Pinterest, there's an equal and opposite Pinterest fail — you know the ones. Your marbleized nail polish that originated as an eyeshadow is chunky and chalky. You spent $60 on a new foundation three shades darker than your usual to copy a face chart only to be left looking like a zoo animal. The coffee scrub you made stained your towels and clogged your shower. Been there? Us too.
In the name of getting thrifty, trying new things, and feeling good about finally doing something with the hundreds of pins we've stashed on secret boards, The Coveteur's editorial team decided to put a handful of them to the test. Here goes nothing, right? Er…right. We think.

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