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Pill Popping Gets Fun With Lisa Perry’s Sweet Treats

Designer Lisa Perry ain't one to shy away from a lil' color—if you've ever been in her Madison Avenue flagship, we wouldn't blame you if you felt like you've stepped back in time to the swinging '60s. The mod duds, from color-block shifts to patent leather coin purses emblazoned with hippie flowers, are bright enough to give you a headache. Well, instead of downing an Advil, Perry's got the perfect antidote: Pop Pills, seven different sweets that each have their own special prescriptions. Inspired by Damien Hirst's Medicine Cabinet installations, Lisa created a psychedelic wall display for the sugary treats, with flavors like lemon "for a sunny day," or jelly beans that are "better than Botox." If you need a quick fix, snag some meds from the wall for $20, or, if you're feeling extra sick, score a big bottle for $25. While we don't usually advocate getting all Valley of the Dolls, this time we're giving you the go-ahead—just don't overdose.
976 Madison Avenue (near 76th Street); 212-334-1956