Meet R29’s Director Of Awesome

We're totally awesome. That's not bragging: It's an objective fact. Now, a lot of trained professionals work days and nights to ensure that Refinery29 maintains a consistent level of certified awesomeness. In the end, though, all our visual heat is the responsibility of one woman: radness director creative director Piera Gelardi.
Known as "P," "PG," "Scrams," or "Principessa," 'round these parts, Piera has been in charge of our visuals since the very beginning. If our editor-in-chief directs how we speak and what we speak about, P directs how we look. She's also in charge of making sure we stay silly, a crucial role for an expanding company like ours.
Since you're so obviously addicted to us (it's okay to admit it — you're among friends here), we thought we'd give you a little tour of her brain, what inspires her, and how she brings home the visual bacon on a day-to-day basis. Get ready to love her as much as we do!

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