Piece by Peace

An accessory that makes a powerfully pacifist statement. By Loryn Hatch
briancrumley_pin.jpgAll we need is love. Make love not war. Give peace a chance. Though their messages still ring true, these well-worn adages don't pack as much punch as they did circa those fabled Bell Bottom Blues years. And according to DUMBO based designer Brian Crumley's "Peace Under Fire" collection, neither does the heavily exploited three-pronged symbol for peace. "This collection was inspired by the futility of the peace sign," he explains, adding "it is also a reaction to the glamorization and ubiquity of guns, knives, and the such in our culture." Hence, the Knot a Rifle pin he created as a part of the latest five-piece collection.
Made from sterling with gunmetal plating, the subtle embellishment says it all with the knotted gun barrel and alarming red crystal drop. But for those looking for a precise interpretation, Crumley is more than forthcoming. "I wanted to render these symbols of aggression impotent and reclaim them as new symbols of peace. The drop of red is the last bit of blood being squeezed out as the gun is transformed," Crumley reveals. Peace-loving and powerful? He shoots. He scores.
Brian Crumley Knot a Rifle, $275, is available through www.crumleynewyork.com.
An accessory that makes a powerfully pacifist statement.

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