Meet NYC’s Most Beautiful Teenage Brothers

Stephanie Seymour has been many things to many people – supermodel back when it meant something, muse to and victim of Axl Rose, Playboy centerfold, and much more. Is celeb-mom her next gig?
See, after she left all of that behind, an affaire de coeur with billionaire publishing magnate Peter Brant turned into a family and a quiet(er) life in Connecticut. A life perhaps a little too quiet for her openly-gay and – let's be frank here – damned fabulous son Peter Brant II and his equally stylish younger brother Harry.
Hot new things, the Brant Brothers are stirring up the fashion world with their unapologetic glamour and an over-the-top twitter. Besides hanging out with Tavi, going to all the fashion week shows, meeting famous designers, chatting with buyers about yachts, and, of course, wearing the kinds of clothes young men (and women) would pretty much give a kidney for, the dynamic duo are so... beautifully fancy... they swallow attention like nobody's business. We mean, just look at them. Transfixing, aren't they?
Gawker hails Peter II (never Jr.) and Harry as potential new role models for gay youth – which is interesting and encouraging, if perhaps a bit premature. After all, these guys were born into a helluva lot of power and privilege. Connecting with the young man who buys his eveningwear from Walmart could be a stretch. It gets better? For these kids, it was never bad. Also, it might be a little narrow minded to think that gay youth will always look up to the fabulously dressed and fabulously wealthy? But, then again, we just can't look away from that picture. They're like a couple of Persian cats with the hair of a young Elvis. Somebody get these boys a reality show asap!
Tell us what you think — are the Brant Brothers role model stature, or are they just two (very, very) pretty faces? (Gawker)

Photo: Via Gawker