There’s A Better Way To Do Your Makeup

I don't consider myself a vain person, but when I think of my #goals, having Cate Blanchett levels of skin perfection is right there at the tippy-top. Well, that and getting handsy with Ryan Reynolds' new superhero abs (how you doin', Deadpool?). But between these two fantasies, a complexion free of blemishes, pigmentation, sallowness, and rough texture is actually less likely than that muscular-man scenario.
The struggle for skin superiority is an ongoing battle, and sadly one most women lose. There is only so much a skin cream can do, after all. Makeup, however, can always lend a helping hand — provided you know how to work with it. Slapping on foundation and hoping for the best won't cut it for those with real skin issues. You need to be strategic — the goal is for your skin to look like skin, not to look like it's covered in haphazard layers of cosmetics.

Since "sisters helping sisters" is high on my list of life mottos (right behind Helen Mirren's "Don't be a pillock"), I've gathered some of the most talented makeup artists around and asked them how they craft the illusion of covet-worthy skin. Read on to get the lowdown, and be prepared to have a total complexion revelation.

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