Homemade PSA: NYC Designer Gets Arrested For DUI, Manages To Record It

We don't exactly know how this footage came to light on the site MyBlockNYC or exactly what happened and when it went down, but the New York Observer just ran this video starring PegLeg NYC designer, artist, and all-around good fella Nick Poe being tested and arrested for doing something very bad – driving under the influence. Seems he had too much to drink (rosé?) and not enough mini cheeseburgers to balance it all out. Now, DUI, DWI, or whatever you want to call it is no laughing matter. It's a killer. But, luckily, the only one Poe hurt with his major mistake was himself (via his legal punishment), so we can take away this little lesson: Even if it's hard to get above 35 m.p.h. in downtown Manhattan, everyone on the sidewalks is loaded, and you're wearing an awesomely retro sweater, drive drunk (or even 0.07), and the boys in blue will get you. Also, we learned that Poe owns a car! Just make sure he's sober before he takes you for a ride, ladies.(Observer)

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