(Hangover) Breakfast of Champions: PB&J Vodka

VGV PB&J_resize

Hangover alert! If you're still feelin' the spins from last night, might wanna grab the paper bag because Van Gogh Vodka is releasing a new flavor, PB&J. While we don't see this vodka making its rounds in our favorite bars (yet), PB&J sounds like a good idea for the artisanal bartenders. The smell is predominately peanut butter-y but it tastes more like the raspberry flavor (that's more like it) with a hint of vanilla. Just as long as they don't mix any milk-flavored vodka for the brunch special cocktail, you should be all right. Hang in there, kiddo, this PB&J cocktail is worth a PJ fashion plate.

Alcohol enthusiasts Vodka fans, what do you think? Tell us if you would try PB&J flavored vodka in the comments below!

Photo: Courtesy of Van Gogh Vodka