Paz De La Huerta Ups Her “Bad Girl” Cred With Arrest For Assault At The Standard’s Boom Boom Room

Over the last decade or so, actress Paz de la Huerta has made less of a name for herself through the craft of acting than through appearing nude in a magazine virtually every month, givingly awesomely odd interviews (i.e. how the NY native's random European accent developed through summer vacations in Spain), and generally being an entertainingly loose cannon in the downtown art and party scene. Now that she's finally backed her way into a credible on-screen career with "Boardwalk Empire", the veteran party girl strangely seems to have lost her bearings like a rookie. First there was her perspiring, drunken, stumbling appearance at the Golden Globe awards. Now there's news that she assaulted former reality-star Samantha Swetra in the Standard Hotel's Boom Boom Room this Sunday, leading to an arrest today. Apparently, Paz and Swerta got in a tiff over the latter's male companion, Swerta joked about de la Huerta's sweatydrunkeness and—powbamshatter—Swerta wound up leaving the nightclub with a bruised face and shards of a Champagne glass stuck in her leg...which pal Lindsay Lohan helped remove. You know you got probs when Lindsay Lohan is the one the press reports as kindly picking up the pieces of your crazy shitstorm. Anyway, the Daily News' blow-by-blow is a must-read and the legend of Paz just took a quantum leap forward. Congratulations… we think. (TMZ)