5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 02 2012

How much is that Paul Smith archive suit in the window? Too much, but we'll stop and ogle anyway. (Racked)
Although we're passionate about our favorite pizza restaurants, we can't help but laugh at the intensity surrounding the current slice wars. As in, does one every need to invoke God when talking about pizza? (Gothamist)
Still addicted to "Call Me Maybe," but can't quite identify all the faces? Here's a handy primer letting you in on everyone you don't know (except Bieber). Of course, we hope you can recognize everyone in our version. (New York Observer)
The 1% of times when finding someone mysteriously under your car results in a cuddly, fluffy good deed and not something that requires police intervention. (City Room)
A few tips for how to sneak into a MoMa party that you weren't invited to. Just bring something to read. (Animal New York)

Photo: Via Racked