Fashion People Have A Love-Hate Relationship With This Trend

Patent leather: You either love it, or you hate it. Or, if you're a fashion person, you probably love it and hate it. You see, there's something about the way this shiny fabric looks that makes it so hard to resist: It's badass with minimal effort, looks expensive, and is so photogenic. It's easy to style, and yet it's just out-there enough that it makes your styling choices seem bold. Basically, it's a surefire outfit win, and it doesn't even have to cost you much money (seriously, just hit up Zara).
But, there are some dirty little secrets about patent leather. Truth be told: It's sweaty (it's actually the opposite of breathable), it's slippery (I once fell down the stairs in my patent pants, and slid all the way to the bottom because of them), and it's squeaky (people will hear you coming from miles away). So while this trend may be blowing up, we can't help but laugh when we secretly know how uncomfortable and ridiculous it can be. And still, we wear it anyway. Beauty is pain, as they say, and sometimes, it's just too hard to resist the patent urge. Here's six women who make wearing the trend look easy. (Hint: It's not).

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