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Pat Field Gets Swimsational, Marina Abramovic Says Adios, And The New James Frey

Patricia Field hosted the Swimsational Soireé, but judge for yourself if there's anything you actually call, uh, sensational. (Huffington Post)
Marina Abramovic is finally leaving, but not after some museum-goers did some performance art of their own. Specifically, stripping and vomiting. (Gawker)
This handsome literary agent had it all, then turned to crack. What's next? The inevitable memoir, of course. We actually can't wait to read it. (The New York Times)
The "Millionaire Bum" is up to his old tricks. We'll let you read this one for yourself—it's kinda unbelievable. (Gothamist)
Bethenny Frankel wanted $100,000 for the first pictures of her newborn baby. Shockingly, there weren't any takers. (New York Post)