The New Park Slope Burglar Has Surprisingly Good Taste

Well, color us surprised: Ever-wholesome Park Slope is the home to NYC's newest burglar, and that burglar is, well, stylish. Upscale boutique Poppy found itself the unfortunate victim to a slick shoplifter, and the (presumably female) assailant made off with designer duds like a $300 Smythe jacket, a $315 Elizabeth and James vest, and other pieces from Tucker, Lauren Moffatt, and Daft Bird.
While we certainly don't condone stealing (editorial note: Shame on you, burglar!), we have to This is one thief with some seriously good taste, even if her moral compass is undoubtedly way off-kilter. While we can't begin to know what the mind of a law-breaker is like, we imagine her inner dialogue went something like this: "Oh, I could wear this with those Comey clogs I got. Does this come in blue? I bet they have it in blue."
Of course, we're only assuming that the assailant is a woman, judging on his/her loot of choice — but we're not ruling out that this was the work of one desparate — but sartorially informed — boyfriend in a mad rush for the best Christmast present, ever. Here's hoping the NYPD catches the ballsy shopper...might we suggest starting the search at Barneys? (DNA Info)

Photo: Via DNA Info