Tommy Lee, Louis V, and La Tour Eiffel… Loden Dager in Paris

Our pal, Emilie Hawtin of Loden Dager menswear collective traveled to Paris and sent us this postcard…
Above: "Paul and I… guess where? The Eiffel tower at 2 a.m. is like a private concert of Paris 1919 over baguettes with John Cale. Especially when it's dripping with a dream-like fog, and if you've recently been serenaded by a Mexican band."
Above: "Greetings from boy's week in Paree! After sleepily picking up Galloises upon landing, we head straight to the stark white Opening Ceremony Showroom on Rue Saint Martin to set up shop. I fall deeply in love with the Opening Ceremony/Pendleton collection, and the bright colors of Loden Dager pulling it all together. Let market begin…"

Above: "We've recently become fans of the monocle."
Above: "We entered every Brooklyn dweller's dream store, Kiliwatch, the mixed vintage and new shop off Rue Etienne Marcial, housing the hippest collection of eclectic merchandise. A great deal of 'I've been searching for this forever,' and talking Paul (Marlow) out of another pair of sunglasses."
Above: "Tommy Lee djing at the VIP club? We searched for Pam, but failed terribly."
Above, from left: "We head to Colette to meet up with friends David (Bedwell) and Ben (Harper) and to play with the newest electronics and drool at Lanvin's seamless tops. Smurfs are back, Comme Des Garçons' black 3-D flower coat was hard to resist, a long with Fendi youngster Delfina Delettrez' entire jewelry collection. Jeremy Scott for Longchamp? Supreme's Miles Davis CD compilations? A Thom Browne store-within-store with boys playing tennis? Sarah never fails to please!" "The Librairie De La Mode which houses every fashion publication in both French and English along with the full Patone color system. It's the design crowd's version of heaven."
Above: "At Louis Vuitton, we found Kanye West (promoting his red LV kicks and heart-shaped album)— he certainly stood out in the crowd with his new Mr. T hairstyle and sunglass-clad posse. As did Carine Roitfield, with her second-skin leather stilettos and perfectly coiffed hair."
Above, from left: "Big fur coats, fur vests, and skintight leather pants flooded the streets." "Thanks to Velib bicycles, we rode a long the streets to view the sights and styles, noticing all of the Doc Martens, red accents, loud coats, skyrocketing shoes on the femmes, loud high tops on the garçons Ending the trip with chocolate cookies, Sancerre, and some laughs, we immediately started planning our return to the city of beauty, inspiration, and baguettes. Au Revoir!"

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