P. Diddy Changes His Name Again, Cue The Collective “Really?”

In the lamest thing that happened this weekend, P. Diddy announced he will be changing his name to "Swag," which, in the celebrity gifting industry, means free stuff, but, in the hip hop mogul business translates to cool. We kinda thought Puff Daddy was alright, then we groaned at P. Diddy, hated the simple Diddy, never remembered the King Combs moniker, liked Sean Combs (we mean...that's his name), but the latest incarnation—as reported by Flavorwire— is just as ridiculous as Donald Trump's fake run for president. And probably for the same reason—press attention. In a video announcement, "Swag," says that "this week only, you can call me by my new name." Why you ask? Oh, you know, for the regular reason anyone would change identities: a comeback from...the flu. The below video can explain it all much more eloquently than us...(PS, is that a monster-ass joint?)