Did P.Diddy Buy The Surf Lodge In Montauk (If So, Why)?!

After a few summers of up-and-coming transformations, will Montauk's Surf Lodge officially be one of the properties in P. Diddy's Hall of Fame? While we can't imagine any extravagant, music video-worthy, "white" parties going on anytime soon at this haute-hippie crash-pad, in recent summers it has been attracting an eclectic crowd who seem equally confused about the hostelry's street cred. So what's next for Montauk? With or without P. Diddy's alleged cool factor bailout (or uh, cheese factor), we're almost ready to say "meh" and move on to the next hot spot before it gets, well, too hot for Diddy. Just kidding, Ruschmeyer's. (Guest of A Guest)

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