9 Overnight Masks That Will Make Your Skin Glow By Morning

Sleeping masks aren't anything new. They were first introduced by our always ahead-of-the-curve South Korean friends a few years back. Since their arrival on the beauty scene, they've become a permanent fixture in the skin-care hall of fame. 
As the name suggests, these products work their magic overnight, which is a lazy (or impatient) girl's dream. You basically slather on the cream — or gel — before bed and leave it to do its thing while you engage in everyone's favorite pastime: sleeping. Not only do you not have to do anything but snooze, the hours you spend asleep are the time your skin heals itself. Win-win! 

With spring finally here and the dreaded chill behind us, this transition is a great time to revive your dehydrated skin. Getting some major overnight moisture will not only rev up your dull winter skin, but it will also help keep any premature signs of aging at bay. We've rounded up the newest and best sleeping masks that promise to deliver results all within an eight-hour (if you're lucky) window. 

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