How To Wear Tights If You Hate Tights

Between the saggy crotches, tight waistbands, and their easily-damaged nature, tights are tough to love. Thus, we can't really blame you if you're one of those people who just hates tights, whether they never really fit you the way you wanted them to or you just find them plain uncomfortable. But the one thing none of us can deny is that they're the easiest way to make an outfit feel more seasonally-appropriate — not to mention they're an added barrier of warmth between your skin and the elements.
So we're going out on a limb and saying that maybe, just maybe, there are a few ways you can wear tights, even if you kind-of (or fully) refuse to wear them. Sometimes the trick is to not make them the focal point of your outfit and instead use them as a layer you might forget you're wearing. Other times, the key is to find a pair you love enough to show off. Either way, with the four looks ahead, perhaps 2018 will be the year you finally come around to stockings. And once you find the look that works for you, you'll probably wonder why you hated them so much in the first place.
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The first trick to wearing tights and no one even knowing it? Hide them altogether. It may sound silly, but you'll be glad you've added them to your outfit when that winter wind blows. Try them under a long-sleeved maxi dress with over-the-knee boots, and complete the look with some minimalist accessories for an outfit that makes you feel oh-so sophisticated.
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Tights also come in clutch as an extra-warmth layer under cropped jeans (no one wants bare ankles in the winter, you know?). Style them with a graphic tee, your favorite metallic sneakers, and a bold puffer. The statement pieces are the ones that stand out, while the tights act more like a sock in this situation. Plus, merino wool is a great tights fabric to try if the super-sheer ones aren't for you.
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— PAID —

Sheer black tights get a stylish upgrade when paired with a checked skirt, a classic bodysuit, and some bold statement booties and accessories.
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If you are actually going to show the tights off, they better be good, right? Change things up with a logo'd white pair that looks straight off the runway. Wear them with a just-as-statement-making skirt suit, and dress the whole thing up further with buckled heels and a mini bag. If this doesn't scream party time, we don't know what does.

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