What We’re Wearing This Fashion Week

As fashion editors, we spend a lot of time thinking about what other women are wearing, and what they'd like to wear. We consider ourselves lucky that we get to pass our days stressing, fretting, dreaming, and laboring over everything that clothes can do for a person — whether that's as simple as just keeping them covered or as wondrously complicated as telling their story. And, as people for whom fashion and personal style are so important, we take advantage of every opportunity to turn the dial up.
Now, our attention is focused on the upcoming Fashion Weeks, where we can try out those next-level silhouettes, styling tricks, and statement pieces that we've been waiting for months to flaunt. And, if you think this is just an excuse to peacock…well, it is. You wouldn't show up to a Halloween party dressed in just a novelty headband and call yourself a fan of the holiday, would you? To prove that we walk the talk, five of our editors are here to show off three looks they're planning on sporting in the weeks ahead. Click through, and you may just pick up on how our own styles seep into Refinery29's fashion vibe. First up? Our fearless leader.

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