One-Half of Mooka Kinney Blooms On Her Own

It's a sad fact that no matter how much love, fun, and fireworks a couple share, some pairings just don't last. Such was the case with the shortbread-sweet women's line, Mooka Kinney. Only a year off their acclaimed GenArt show, the young duo of Alison Lewis an Rachel Antonoff had developed a strong following thanks to their darling collections of 50s-inspired pencil skirts and hippie tops with floral flair. And when the love was at it's strongest, like so many fashion romances, the couple split. But life goes on for both. Lewis has started an intriguing career in jewelry design by teaming up with Samantha House for their new line (wait for it—) Lewis & House. we are going to do clothes and accessories. Meanwhile, Antonoff has debuted her own line of very Kinney-esque clothes called, you guessed it, Rachel Antonoff.
Much like Mooka Kinney, the focus of the Antonoff line is vintage styles, fun, and florals. This time around though, femininity, always a big factor for Mooka Kinney, is even more prevalent. Detailing and form-fitting constructions have been taken to another level and the prints and textiles, which were always stunning in her last line, are now almost mesmerizing. "With Mooka Kinney we always just made things that we ourselves would want to wear. You really can't go wrong this way." And Antonoff has turned to this formula again. "With the new line I didn't think as much about how to come out with something different, as much as just concentrating on what I would be excited to reach into my closet and pull out. Really, the whole process is incredibly fun and if I could have the good fortune of selling to stores and people that I like and respect, what more could I hope for!""
Rachel Antonoff will be available at Barneys. Mooka Kinney's Fall '08 line is still available in select stores.

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