Ombré Lashes: Sound Gimmicky, Are Actually Kind Of Brilliant

ombre-lashesPhoto: Courtesy of Tom Ford Beauty.
Yes, we know ombré has kind of jumped the shark. From hair to brows to lips, it seems like no part of your beauty routine is safe from the subtle shade-fade. And, while we've started to think of most things touted ombré as beauty gimmicks, it turns out there are still some areas of your routine that could benefit from a touch of graduated color. Like your eyelashes.
According to Allan Aponte, makeup artist and Tom Ford Beauty Specialist, ombré eyelashes are a nifty trick that can take your eye-makeup game to the next level. To get the look, you need two mascaras — one black and one that's a lighter shade, like brown. "Begin by applying a deep-black voluminous mascara, such as Tom Ford Extreme Mascara in Raven, just at the root of the lashes, sliding the wand back and forth to create dimension," says Aponte. "Then, apply a lighter-colored mascara from the middle to the tips."
This dark-to-light technique, he says, "magnifies the eyes and intensifies your look. It’s a simple way to incorporate interest and color to highlight the eyes." This look focuses on definition, not fullness, so if you're trying to make your lashes appear thicker (or have thin, sparse lashes to begin with), he says you're better off skipping it.
For those who do prefer definition to fullness, Aponte says to try using a black formula for volume and a colored formula for length. "Choose a shade that complements your eye color to maximize the drama. Keep shadow on the lid a light, neutral base so that the lashes stand out." The eye-catching result is one that'll frame your gaze and make it subtly stand out. You win this round, ombré.
Tom Ford Beauty Extreme Mascara in Mocha Rush, $44, available at Nordstrom.

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